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According to 2023 data, 97% of internet users never return to a site once they leave it. Maybe all those leads you were generating aren’t making as big of a business impact as you had hoped.

You can overcome these statistics and recapture more outbound traffic by leveraging Insights ABM’s retargeting services. As one of the leading retargeting consulting agencies in the nation, Insights ABM knows how to re-engage consumers, improve conversion rates, and help you make every site visit count.  

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What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a particular type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. More specifically, retargeting ads are directed at consumers that have previously visited your site or exhibited browsing behavior that shows interest in your brand. Third-party data and cookies are used to identify who to target. 

As with regular PPC ads, you only pay for retargeting ads if a user actually clicks on your content. This attribute makes it easy to maintain close control over your marketing budget and track the results of your campaign. Also like standard PPC ads, the costs of each click will vary based on several factors. 

Generally, retargeting can be classified based on how you target customers and where you advertise.

The most basic form of retargeting is known as “search retargeting.” When using this strategy, you display your ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). The other big tactic is display retargeting, which involves displaying your content on the borders of monetized sites.

When engaging in retargeting, you can direct ads to customers who have previously visited your website. This is known as website retargeting. Another option is dynamic retargeting, which involves targeting consumers who have shown interest in products similar to yours.

What Are Retargeting Services?

Retargeting services are provided by digital marketing agencies like Insights ABM. Instead of managing your campaigns in-house, our retargeting agency handles it for you. We provide these services to clients across a wide variety of industries, including:

In addition to running your campaign, our retargeting agency can also conduct market research, assist with planning and strategy creation, or provide guidance to your in-house team.

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How Our Retargeting Agency Can Help

Insights ABM offers comprehensive retargeting services designed to help you capture more web traffic and draw users back to your site. Our comprehensive retargeting management solutions cover every facet of this advanced marketing tactic, including:

Retargeting Consulting

Have an in-house marketing team but need some help implementing retargeting into your strategy? If so, our retargeting consulting services would be a great fit for your brand.

As part of these consulting services, we’ll guide your team as they adapt to the nuances of retargeting consumers. We can provide as much support as they need, assist with campaign planning, conduct research, and more. Whatever knowledge, tools, or assistance your team needs to win at retargeting, we’ll give it to them. 

Retargeting Management 

If you’d rather avoid the headaches associated with retargeting entirely, why not outsource the entire project to Insights ABM? Just let us know what your goals, budget, and pain points are, and our retargeting management team will take it from there. 

Have no fear — you’ll still retain total control over the tone of brand content and have the final say over what gets displayed to your customers. We’ll also keep you in the loop every step of the way by providing regular updates about your ad performance. It is your campaign, after all.

Budget Management 

Not sure how much you should be spending on retargeting or how to distribute your paid search budget? Our retargeting agency can help with that as well.

Our expert team can identify which channels will deliver the best return so you can maximize profitability while simultaneously reducing resource waste. We can help you determine whether you’re spending too much, not enough, or precisely the right amount based on your organizational goals.

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