National Beauty
Franchise Case Study

Increase in click-through rate.
Decrease in cost per applicant.
Increase in applicant volume.

Recently, Insights ABM partnered with a well-known national beauty and haircut franchise. The company focuses primarily on the men’s and boy’s haircut market.

Founded in the early 1990s, this company expanded quickly. Within the first five years of operation, the hair care franchise had grown to 50 stores. Today, it has locations in every U.S. state, as well as in Canada.

Hairdresser cutting a customer's hair
Hairdresser Using Digital Tablet at Hair Salon

Recruiting Skilled Applicants

The client was one of the top 10 fastest-growing franchises nationwide. Still, they saw room for improvement.

When they contacted Insights ABM, the company was having difficulty securing job applicants. Stylist positions at many of their locations were going unfilled. This lack of suitable applicants was having a negative impact on the company’s ongoing sales. For such a growth-minded organization, this was a serious problem.

The inability to secure new workers was also slowing their ability to expand. In a few instances, the lack of workers had made it impossible to open new locations.

The client needed guidance in their online recruitment strategies. It had proven difficult for them to reach their target audience.

If the company wanted to keep growing at such an impressive pace, it would need to deploy effective digital recruitment campaigns. Once we assessed the situation, we knew we could help.

Strategies for Growth

As a part of these paid campaigns, the team developed advertisements that were geared toward the specific audience, stylists that were seeking employment.

Designers incorporated the company’s branding and voice into the recruitment campaigns. We also ensured that the ads were targeted to focus on users seeking stylist jobs in relevant zip codes.

These paid promotional campaigns required ongoing management and input. Insights ABM provided this, along with monthly reporting calls to track and analyze our results.

Lastly, Insights ABM provided the client with a custom landing page to promote their employment opportunities and incorporated this recruitment page into the existing HR system, making it easy to use and effective.

Hairdressing tools at barbershop

Right off the bat, Insights ABM understood that the franchise needed an improved UX for their applicant landing page. The page needed to represent their brand voice. It also needed to be easier for applicants to use.

But successful recruitment goes beyond the application process. It also involves digital campaign management and creative support. The team knew how to help the client to recognize these goals effectively.

First, Insights ABM created and launched several digital recruitment campaigns. These included:




Powerful Results

As expected, these strategies helped get the client to get back on track in their recruitment efforts. They saw an increased clickthrough rate of 195% across all of their digital channels, a stunning change.

This approach decreased their cost per applicant by 32% and increased year-over-year applicant volume by 41%.

With these digital recruitment campaigns, the client was able to reach more applicants than ever before, all for much less money.

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