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A solid SaaS marketing strategy is critical to the success of your Software as a Service business model. However, too many SaaS marketing campaigns miss the mark because they lack focus and fail to incorporate established brand-building best practices.

Fortunately, Insights ABM and our dynamic team of marketing experts know precisely what it takes to get you noticed in the crowded digital marketplace.

Our approach seamlessly blends creativity with strategic, data-driven processes to generate real results. We use proven techniques to get your content in front of the right audience at the ideal time.

Benefits of Partnering With our B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Some of the types of B2B SaaS companies our marketing agency serves include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) software
  • Project Management software
  • Accounting and Financial software
  • Marketing Automation software
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Help Desk and Customer Support software

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and Insights ABM’s SaaS marketing services can help your organization:

Generate New Leads

New leads are the foundation of long-term business growth. While you want to maintain a strong relationship with existing customers, you must acquire new leads to boost sales and increase revenue.

At Insights ABM, we help you generate leads by:

  • Defining your ideal audience
  • Identifying which channels are a good fit for your campaign
  • Creating educational content
  • Developing a robust marketing mix

We focus on both lead quantity and quality when providing lead gen services. This gives you the optimal opportunity to turn these leads into paying clients.

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Enhance Brand Awareness

Enhancing brand awareness not only helps you generate new leads but also nurtures feelings of loyalty among your existing client base. Insights ABM uses a combination of account-based marketing, paid ads, and search engine optimization to amplify your brand across key channels like top search engines and social media platforms. 

By increasing your brand awareness, we can help you break into new markets. You can also strengthen your foothold in your existing niche. Together, these two approaches will give your brand staying power when SaaS startups attempt to encroach on your market share.

Nurture Existing Leads

As you’re well aware, generating leads is only part of the battle, especially when it comes to B2B SaaS marketing. Organizational leaders must carefully analyze each option available to them before choosing a solution for their business. In light of this, you must carefully nurture your prospective B2B clients and guide them deep into the sales funnel.

As account-based marketing experts, Insights ABM is perfectly positioned to help you establish a winning lead-nurturing strategy. From brand awareness to education and conversion, we’ll create content for clients in all stages of the buying journey. 

Drive Conversions

The ultimate goal of our SaaS marketing strategy is to drive conversions for your organization. From the outset of our partnership, we’ll work with your leadership team to establish clear campaign goals. We’ll also select a set of metrics to precisely measure the campaign’s efficacy.

Once the campaign has been launched, we’ll closely monitor the designated key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide you with regular reports. Our team will make needed adjustments to optimize your conversion rates and increase profitability. 

Our B2B SaaS Marketing Process

Insights ABM leverages a precisely designed SaaS marketing process. When you partner with us, we’ll:

Identify Your Value Proposition

In the world of SaaS marketing, it’s critical to advertise your solution’s value proposition. What problems does it solve for clients? How does it stand out from similar solutions? What benefits does it provide?

While you’ve undoubtedly answered all these questions, Insights ABM will ensure these value propositions are conveyed in your existing marketing messaging. If not, we’ll make necessary adjustments so clients understand exactly why they should trust your brand.

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Create Client Personas

Insights ABM will work with your staff to create client personas for various segments of your target audience. General examples of personas include C-suite executives and IT managers. Each persona will outline what factors have the strongest influence on the individual’s decision-making process.

Personas serve as templates when creating targeted marketing content for specific decision-makers. These templates ensure that messaging remains consistent while simultaneously addressing the pain points of particular audience members.

Designate Top Targets

Insights ABM is experienced in both B2B and B2C SaaS marketing. This versatility allows us to produce measurable results for clients in either sector. 

When providing B2B SaaS marketing services, our team will work with your staff to identify your most valuable accounts and top prospects. We’ll create a tier-based ranking system for your list of targets.

Through the B2C lens, we identify core audience segments instead of target accounts. The aforementioned client personas are then applied to the audience segment or high-value account to create impactful content. 

Create Brand Awareness & Engagement

The final phase of our process is to create brand awareness and get you noticed in the digital marketplace. We’ll create content for prospects in all phases of their buying journey. Insights ABM can craft marketing materials that inform, raise awareness, educate, engage, and inspire clients to connect with your team or make a purchase.

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