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Affiliate Marketing Services from Insights ABM

When you are looking to grow your business, it is essential to properly allocate your advertising resources. That is why many companies turn to affiliate marketing. You may have even implemented this strategy already.

While relying on commission-based marketing is an extremely effective approach, managing a large network of partners can be quite challenging. That is why you need affiliate marketing services from Insights ABM.

Our experts are well-versed in affiliate advertising and can ensure that your programs become a profitable part of your larger digital marketing ecosystem.

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Why Use an Affiliate Marketing Agency?

Affiliate marketing is all about finding the right partners. When you make sound decisions and find partners that supplement your other advertising efforts, affiliate marketing can drastically improve your ability to connect with customers.

However, creating a cohesive affiliate marketing strategy requires a certain level of expertise. That is why so many clients have turned to the team at Insights ABM. We will build your affiliate marketing network from the ground up and find partners that align with your company’s values. These services are beneficial to brands in industries as varied as:

Some of the benefits of our affiliate marketing services include:

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Hand-Picked Affiliates

Our first step is always to take the time to get to know our clients. We want to understand what beliefs and values are important to you. We use this information to find partners that are great ambassadors for your company. 

If a particular affiliate does not mesh with the ideals and beliefs of your company, then you have the freedom to end the partnership. 

High-Quality Traffic

Choosing the right affiliates can impact every aspect of your marketing plan. Perhaps most importantly, the right affiliates will lead to targeted traffic. These affiliates will have the opportunity to prime your audience. This means that each visitor is more likely to make a purchase or subscribe to your service.

Performance-Based Pay

Unlike traditional PPC advertising, affiliate-based marketing is based on performance. Instead of paying for every lead or click sent your way, you will only pay when sales are made. This encourages your affiliates to put more effort into lead generation while also helping you to get the most out of every marketing dollar.

Limited Costs

Affiliate marketing does require some initial investment, especially when you’re first getting your program up and running. However, it is far less costly than many other marketing programs. You will not need to hire and maintain an entire staff to oversee advertising.

When you partner with the team at Insights ABM, the benefits of affiliate marketing can be enhanced even further. We can walk you through the setup for your affiliate marketing program and handle all of the work behind the scenes. We can even help you to maintain your program once it is up and running.

Our Method

When you partner with Insights ABM, you can take the guesswork out of affiliate marketing. We utilize a proven method that includes:

Commission Strategies

One of the toughest parts of creating your affiliate marketing program is to set commission rates. If you set commission too high, you hinder profitability. If you set rates too low, your partners will have little incentive to perform.

Our team will implement an advanced commission strategy that is designed to incentivize your partners. This encourages them to get actively involved in selling your product.

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Diverse Partnerships

Over the years, Insights ABM has forged strong relationships with our clients. We leverage these bonds to find the right partnerships for your affiliate marketing strategy.

Our existing network includes a diverse array of partnerships across a variety of industries. This means that we can find the perfect partner for your business, no matter what industry you are involved in.

Advanced Metrics Analysis

Insights ABM is a data-driven company. We track key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine which partners are producing the most consistent results for you. This allows us to gain a better understanding of trends among consumers so that we can make ongoing improvements to your affiliate marketing strategies.

Evaluation of Partnerships

The metrics that we track are a vital part of our effective marketing strategies. However, they also serve another purpose: KPIs allow us to evaluate your partnerships to determine which affiliates are performing up to par.

If a particular partner is underperforming, then we can help you to reevaluate the situation and make adjustments to ensure that your affiliate program is operating at peak levels.

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