Lead Nurturing: What Your SaaS Marketing Campaign is Missing

Lead Nurturing: What Your SaaS Marketing Campaign is Missing

Driving visitors to your site should definitely be viewed as a win. However, the fact of the matter is that not all users that view your site are ready to make a purchase for SaaS services just yet. Still, it would be a shame to let an opportunity go to waste since you have already invested your marketing dollars into increasing site traffic! 

Fortunately, there is a way that you can capitalize on a higher percentage of your web traffic.

At Insights ABM, we believe your SaaS search marketing campaign just might be missing out on a tactic known as lead nurturing. By incorporating this method into your marketing mix, you can drive growth and generate more revenue.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Generally speaking, lead nurturing refers to the process of developing and strengthening your relationship with buyers throughout various stages of the SaaS sales funnel. Lead nurturing is an essential part of turning leads into conversions.

Lead nurturing is especially important for users that have already shown positive interest in your SaaS services, including those that have signed up for a free trial. In fact, active free trial users that receive contact from a sales rep are 70% more likely to make a purchase.

Lead Nurturing Strategies

There is more than one way to nurture leads. We recommend implementing a variety of strategies to groom these high-quality leads and draw them into making a purchase. A few tactics that we have had the best success with include:

Automated Emails

Email marketing is both effective and affordable. You can easily reach out to thousands or tens of thousands of consumers with minimal investment. If even 15% of those contacts open and read your emails, then your campaign hit its mark.

When you’re crafting your campaign, make sure to create content that is tailored for users at different points in the sales funnel. 

For instance, current customers that you want to upsell should be receiving different messages than clients that used a free trial but never made a purchase. 

Divide these different target audiences into unique mailing lists and use the power of automation to connect with them all.

Fresh, Creative Content

As you’re nurturing leads, make sure that you are presenting them with fresh, relevant content. We recommend including links to your content in your automated emails to encourage viewership. 

With that being said, it is essential that the content you produce resonates with consumers. Bland, generic content will not draw them deeper into the sales funnel, and it might even push them to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Integrate Marketing and Sales Staff

Do your sales and marketing teams still operate independently from one another? If so, then this is a huge mistake. 

While the roles of each group are different, they are both working towards similar goals. In order to help all of your talented staff perform at their best, you need to integrate the two teams.

Encourage information sharing and a close partnership between your sales and marketing staff. This reduces the chances of prospective clients getting lost in the shuffle. 

When a lead is primed to make a purchase, your marketing and sales teams can work together to seal the deal.

Dallas SaaS Digital Marketing Agency

Through the power of lead nurturing, you can keep your high-quality targets moving through the sales funnel. By leveraging the tactics above, you can enhance your lead nurturing capabilities and achieve measurable results.

Not quite sure where to begin? We recommend taking advantage of Insights ABM’s comprehensive Dallas SaaS digital marketing services.

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