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Insights ABM had the privilege of partnering with the Dallas Marathon, a premier event in the running community, to drive registrations for the highly anticipated 2022 BMW Dallas Marathon. With a focus on engaging marathoners, half-marathoners, and running enthusiasts, Insights ABM implemented targeted digital advertising campaigns to generate registrations and propel the event’s success. This case study showcases how Insights ABM’s strategic approach, coupled with data-driven insights, surpassed registration goals and empowered the Dallas Marathon to thrive in a competitive market.

BMW Dallas Marathon Event

Client Objectives

The primary objective for the Dallas Marathon was clear: to drive registrations for the 2022 event and ensure its continued status as a marquee running experience. Insights ABM aligned with this goal and worked diligently to engage both new and experienced runners, attracting a diverse range of participants to the marathon, half-marathon, 5k, 10k, and children’s races.

Target Audience

Insights ABM honed in on the Dallas area, leveraging data to connect with marathoners, half-marathoners, and running enthusiasts. By targeting individuals with a passion for running, the campaign aimed to captivate and motivate them to participate in the 2022 BMW Dallas Marathon.

Services Provided

To achieve the client’s objectives, Insights ABM implemented a comprehensive campaign strategy, utilizing programmatic display and digital out-of-home (billboard) advertising. This multi-channel approach allowed for widespread visibility and strategic targeting to reach the desired audience effectively. Bi-weekly reporting updates provided the Dallas Marathon with valuable insights into registration progress, campaign performance, and optimizations.

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Tailored Approach

Insights ABM customized its approach to meet the unique needs of the Dallas Marathon. The campaign focused on attracting new runners, while the client employed separate strategies to engage repeat runners through email, SMS, and other media channels. By targeting new runners specifically, Insights ABM aimed to expand the participant base and increase overall event attendance.

Strategies and Tactics

Insights ABM executed highly targeted display campaigns, leveraging both first-party and third-party data to reach runners in the Dallas area. This approach ensured that the advertisements resonated with the intended audience, generating awareness and encouraging registrations. Additionally, the campaign employed digital out-of-home advertising strategically placed near gyms, running trails, and sporting goods stores to capture the attention of active runners during their daily routines.

Key Results and Success Metrics

The collaboration between Insights ABM and the Dallas Marathon yielded remarkable results, surpassing expectations and driving significant growth:
  1. Registrations: The campaign generated an impressive total of 10,811 registrations, surpassing the prior year’s figures by more than 20%. This surge in registrations was instrumental in helping the Dallas Marathon achieve their event registration goal by a substantial margin.
  2. Cost per Registration: Insights ABM’s strategic approach and optimization efforts resulted in a cost per registration of under $9, representing a decrease of over 30% compared to the previous year. This cost efficiency allowed the Dallas Marathon to maximize their marketing budget while attracting a larger participant base.
  3. Exceeding Benchmarks: The campaign’s exceptional performance was further validated by surpassing the benchmark conversion rate by over 3x. The combination of precise targeting, compelling messaging, and strategic ad placement proved highly effective in driving participant engagement and conversion.

Client Testimonial and Future Collaboration

The Dallas Marathon expressed utmost satisfaction with the results achieved through the partnership with Insights ABM. The campaign’s success in generating registrations, exceeding goals, and optimizing cost per registration validated the value of Insights ABM’s strategic approach. As a testament to the fruitful collaboration, the Dallas Marathon has chosen to continue working with Insights ABM for their upcoming 2023 event.

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Insights ABM’s data-driven approach, tailored strategies, and comprehensive campaign execution played a pivotal role in driving registrations and surpassing goals for the 2022 BMW Dallas Marathon. By precisely targeting the running community in the Dallas area and leveraging a mix of programmatic display and digital out-of-home advertising, Insights ABM successfully attracted new participants, increased registrations, and enhanced the overall success of the event. The collaboration’s outstanding results and client satisfaction reinforce Insights ABM’s position as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional marketing solutions for the marathon industry.

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