8 Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

8 Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

With the real estate market booming, getting a leg up on your competition is more important than it ever has been. As a realtor, you want to be the one people think of when they need to buy or sell a house. In the modern world, digital marketing is the best way to reach new clients.

At Insights ABM, we specialize in digital marketing that drives traffic. Our expert marketing agency in Dallas is known for working with large and small businesses alike to create and execute high-performing digital marketing strategies.

Want to use digital marketing to your advantage, building an unstoppable career in real estate? Here are some of the strategies you can use!

1.   User-Friendly Website

Digital marketing begins and ends with the website. The key here is user-friendliness. If a potential buyer or seller wants to know how to contact you, your website had better be easy to find. 

If they want to see your sales record, current listings, or contact information, it should be clear and obvious how to do it from your website.

2.   Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever thought about why certain websites show up before others on a Google search? While it may be related to paid ads (more on that in a bit later), it usually comes down to great search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO refers to the use of targeted keywords, phrases, tags, and descriptions on your website. Using words and phrases that are relevant to your industry and area can bring your site up in the search rankings on popular search engines like Google, where buyers and sellers are looking for services like yours!

3.   Email Campaigns

Email marketing is perhaps the strongest digital marketing tool available today. A large email list is like a goldmine. Here’s why: When someone provides their email to your site, it means they are interested in your services. 

60% of consumers have made a purchase based on email marketing. Only 20% have done so with social media marketing. Having a list of individuals you know are interested is much better than sending random ads out, hoping for a bite.

4.   Paid Ads

Organic traffic and emails are a great starting point because they represent advertising that is free or very low cost. 

When you want to truly jumpstart your real estate business and generate leads, think about what people use the most to find the products and services they need. 

Google search? You can buy ads to put your name at the very top. Facebook? You can create an ad geared toward people that have been searching for homes or realtors. These are known as targeted ads. Instead of hoping that someone sees your website, this puts your brand out in front of people that are looking for it.

5.   Blogs

Blogs are perfect ways to attract people to your website, but they’ll only help your marketing when they are done carefully. 

When you create a blog, you need to make sure you are providing content that is useful and relevant to your ideal client. As a realtor, you shouldn’t be blogging about digital marketing (leave that to us). Instead, think through questions that first-time homebuyers have. Create resources for related topics, like property taxes. In short, show that you are a leader in your industry.

Providing content your clients need or want to read about will naturally lead them to reach out when they want an expert on their side.

6.   Social Media

The best thing about social media? It’s free! Creating and constantly using social media is a perfect way to get your name out there, interact with past clients, share listings, engage with potential leads, and create a brand voice that is truly yours.

7.   Virtual Tours

The world has gone digital. Offering a digital tour complete with videos is the perfect way to show off a house in the 21st century. It’s also easier for you! Instead of traveling to the house and holding it open for hours, you can walk clients through virtually, answer questions, and reach a wide audience all at once.

8.   Get a Professional

Are these strategies doable on your own? Of course! Will they take a lot of time out of your already busy days? Yup! 

That’s where we come in. At Insights ABM, our marketing agency in Dallas has been providing realtors with the best digital marketing strategies for years. Contact Insights ABM today to get one step closer to the real estate empire you’ve always wanted to build!

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