10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

When you run a franchise, it can be tough to navigate a crowded market to call attention to your business. While it may seem that all you need for effective marketing is a large budget, there are a lot of nuances that can affect your success.

Digital marketing is currently the most effective way for businesses to gain traction, and it looks to remain that way for years to come. At Insights ABM, the premier advertising agency in Frisco, we’ve helped numerous businesses to kick their marketing up a notch.

Check out our top ten tips and tricks for creating a successful digital marketing strategy for your franchise.

1.   Take Advantage of Social Media

A great (and free) way to engage with customers and the general public is to take advantage of social media. Use these platforms to post relevant content, engage with consumers, and create a unique brand voice to help your brand stand out.

2.   Get Active on Review Websites

While the act of asking friends and family for recommendations is still alive and well, many people now rely on online reviews for suggestions on new places or products to try. Ask satisfied clients to leave reviews. Monitor your accounts and respond promptly to criticism or negative feedback. By taking these two steps, you can increase trust with your customer base.

3.   Create Location-Specific Pages

Appealing to each location that you do business in is a quick and easy way to capture the attention of audiences in a local market. Create location-based landing pages, social media accounts, and more to show off the unique services and products that you have to offer as a franchise.

4.   Don’t Forget About Search Engine Optimization

Although most larger companies, including franchises, have name recognition, it never hurts to use SEO to your advantage. Properly utilizing keywords and phrases that your ideal consumer is searching for will have your website shoot up the rankings on search engines. 

Want to help your brand to stand out? Pair popular keywords with location-based words to make sure that you’re attracting the populations that are most likely to be searching for services in your local market.

5.   Create Engaging Blogs

A well-written, engaging blog post that is relevant to consumers is an incredible way to attract visitors to your site. If you are looking for new franchisees, you can blog about the benefits of your franchise. If you are a franchisee, you can provide how-to guides, share “behind the scenes” fun facts about your location, and answer common questions to attract visitors to your website.

6.   Take Advantage of Email Marketing

As a franchise, if you receive someone’s email on a website related to becoming a franchisee, there’s a very strong chance they are interested in the opportunity. Using this email list to your advantage could be the difference between getting many applications or none. 

Regularly sending out updates, new information, or even a newsletter. Each of these activities can keep your franchise opportunity at the forefront of a person’s mind.

7.   Use Paid Ads

Whether you’re looking for customers or franchisees, paid ads have always and will continue to reign supreme. You can pay to have your content ranked higher on search engines. This can be particularly effective for seasonal opportunities, sales, or the launch of a new franchise location.

8.   Consider Retargeting Ads

Along with paid ads, retargeting ads are a great way to reach people who have shown interest in your business. Imagine that someone visited your landing page for information about becoming a franchisee but left without signing up. You can target these audiences with specific ads that pop up on social media sites or search engines that talk about the benefits of your franchise. Speak directly to their desires and enjoy a second chance to seal the deal.

9.   Go Viral with Influencer Marketing

Have you noticed that certain people on social media have products and services they can’t seem to stop talking about? Well, guess what, they’re often paid to talk about them! This is a great way to promote your franchise by leveraging a relationship with someone who has an active, engaged following.

10.   Leave It to the Pros

The best digital marketing strategy of all? Letting professionals design and implement a flawless marketing plan on your behalf.

At Insights ABM, our team has been doing exactly that for years. As the premier advertising agency in Dallas, we have helped companies large and small master their digital marketing.

Reach out to us today to see how we can boost your franchise and make your brand thrive! 

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Joe Cantu

Joe is a digital marketing strategist and media buying/planning leader with 13+ years of expertise in marketing strategy and program management, omnichannel campaign delivery, brand building, data analytics, and customer experience/UX optimization. He has helped drive growth for industry-leading clients, including F500/F100 firms.