Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021

Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2021

In response to the tribulations of 2020, thousands of companies were forced to transition to a digital business model. Whether you were already active on social media or had to learn on the fly, 2020 probably did not deliver the results that you wanted. 

Fortunately, there is still time to revamp your current social media marketing strategy and take 2021 by storm!

In the article below, the strategic minds at Insights ABM provide insights on the ways that you can develop a winning advertising strategy. We are a social media marketing agency in Dallas, but we proudly serve clients across the nation.

By leveraging these proven practices, you can connect with users, generate leads, and convert casual visitors to customers. Here are some of our top tips for developing a social media marketing strategy in 2021!

Focus on Relationships, Not Just Leads

The brands that perform well on social media platforms are agile and adaptive. They take note of the latest trends and respond to user feedback in order to create winning social media strategies. If you want to elevate your social media presence, your business must follow suit.

One of the best ways to connect with consumers is to focus on creating relationships, rather than simply churning out leads.

Over half of social media users rely on social media sites to research products and services. However, many consumers are distrusting of advertisements. This means that you must gain a consumer’s trust by regularly posting meaningful content.

Branch Out

While Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in existence, it is not the only one. Your social media marketing strategy should incorporate more than one platform so that you can reach a wider audience.

Before deciding which platforms to branch out on, we recommend identifying your audience. Find out where your ideal customer base is most active. If they use Facebook the most, look to the second most prevalent medium. This may be a site like Instagram, TikTok, or even Pinterest.

Whichever sites you decide to incorporate into your strategy, make sure that your brand messaging is consistent. All content should positively represent your brand. If the content on your secondary social media platform looks like an afterthought, it will diminish your reputation with consumers.

Get Involved

In the past, consumers simply wanted an enjoyable purchasing experience. However, that is no longer the case.

The modern consumer will be more loyal to businesses that share their viewpoint on societal issues. The stance you take on key issues will become part and parcel with your brand identity. 

With that in mind, you must choose to engage with content wisely so that you don’t alienate your target audience.

Regularly Live Stream

Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or another platform, users love when businesses they follow go live. These videos effectively bridged the gap during pandemic-related lockdowns and are poised to become a staple in digital advertising.

Be creative with your live stream. You can use it to announce an upcoming product, host a Q&A session, or introduce a new service. Gather feedback on your latest live stream via an Instagram poll or similar practice. Apply the information provided by your followers to improve upon your next event.

If the live stream resonates with your audience, make it a recurring event. Several companies host weekly or even bi-weekly live stream events with great success.

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