As the Third-Party Cookie Market Crumbles, Advertisers Look to What’s Next

As the Third-Party Cookie Market Crumbles, Advertisers Look to What’s Next

When Google broke the news that it intended to block the use of third-party cookies on its internet browser, Google Chrome, digital marketers around the globe were sent into a panic. 

On a positive note, Google postponed its third-party cookie ban until 2023. However, the writing is on the wall, and third-party cookie advertising is not the “ace in the hole” marketing strategy that it once was. Fortunately, marketing professionals are a creative bunch and quickly began working on new ways to connect with consumers. 

Below, we examine the next generation of targeted advertising poised to dominate the digital marketing space in the next decade. Your business can leverage these strategies as you prepare to transition away from third-party cookies and other antiquated advertising methods.

So What’s Next?

Like many other businesses, your company may have considered holding fast to its current digital marketing strategies until the looming third-party cooking ban gets a little closer to fruition. While we understand the appeal of this approach, it has some serious pitfalls.

For starters, the ban on the use of third-party cookies is not a singular event. Other tech companies are not waiting on Google to simply “flip a switch” in order to prevent marketers from using third-party cookies.

In fact, several mainstream tech organizations, including Apple, have already taken steps to restrict or prevent the tracking of consumer browsing via cookies. As a result of these efforts, your advertising campaigns are going to produce an ever-decreasing return on investment.

That is why we recommend turning to some more effective marketing strategies, including:

First-Party Cookies

Unlike third-party cookies, first-party cookies are not being impacted by the upcoming changes to Google’s data privacy policies. First-party cookies are collected on the websites that consumers are visiting, which makes them far less malevolent.

Consumers know that the websites they are visiting are collecting some information about the visits. They also understand that some of this data is being used to enhance their browsing experience, which is why most consumers are less apprehensive about first-party cookies.

You can integrate first-party cookies into your site in order to keep users logged in, manage user preferences, etc. This data can also be leveraged for ad targeting purposes.

NLP-based Targeting

Natural language processing (NLP) technology is an emerging class of software that can be used to categorize various websites based on the context of the written content that they contain. 

This approach allows you to target consumers with advertisements based on the type of content that they consume. You can ensure that your marketing materials are displayed on specific types of sites that most align with the preferences of your ideal consumer base.

Email? Yes, Email

In addition to NLP-targeted and first-party cookies, we suggest dusting off your email list and connecting with consumers via drip campaigns

A drip campaign involves sending multiple emails to prospective consumers in order to draw them deeper into the sales funnel. Each email should build on the content provided in the previous communication while gently nurturing consumer relationships.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing remains a highly effective way to connect with prospective consumers. According to some figures, email marketing offers a 4,200% ROI on average, which is exceptional.

Partnering with a Digital Performance Marketing Agency

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