Top Data Enrichment Tools of 2021

Top Data Enrichment Tools of 2021

Has your lead generation campaign been underperforming? Are you ready to affect real change that will improve profitability and help you grow your business? Tired of experiencing an underwhelming ROI on your marketing efforts? If any of this sounds familiar, then this article will give you just the solution that you have been looking for!

Below, the creatives at Insights ABM will outline a proven method for enhancing your lead generation capabilities. This tactic is known as data enrichment. We’ll discuss the basic principles of data enrichment and identify the top tools available in 2021.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment refers to the process of enhancing your pool of client data. During the lead generation process, it can be difficult to gather enough pertinent information about prospective clients without causing undue friction. But you need to learn as much about these clients as you can in order to leverage the power of account-based marketing. That’s where data enrichment comes into play.

Data enrichment involves gathering data from a third-party data provider. These providers have valuable information about prospective accounts, including data about their demographics, geography, online behavior, and professional credentials. 

Through data enrichment, you can create more relevant marketing content that is more likely to resonate with your target audience.

First-Party vs. Third-Party Data

The best lead generation strategies leverage both first-party and third-party data. First-party data is information that you have gathered directly from your target audience. This includes data that they submitted when filling out contact forms, as well as information that was acquired while they were browsing your site.

Third-party data is acquired via data enrichment tools and from other entities. Typically, there is a lot of third-party data available on your prospective clients. However, not all of the data is actionable. 

Some of the information provided by third-party sites is outdated, which is why you must actively engage in “data cleansing” when you’re using data enrichment tools.

Our Picks for the Top Data Enrichment Tools

Like many B2B businesses, you likely have a massive client database. This database should include information on prospective clients, like email addresses, pain points, purchasing history, demographics data, and much more. 

The information in your database can be used to make marketing decisions and to create tailored content for prospective clients.

Through data enrichment, you can expand and update the information available in your database. However, not all data enrichment tools are created equal. The best tools are regularly updated to ensure that the information included in them is highly accurate. 

Below, we have identified three of the top data enrichment tools available today:


Clearbit is a great tool for B2B organizations that are in their infancy. It is affordable and it allows you to search for data using only corporate domain names or email addresses. 

Clearbit also readily integrates with popular customer relationship management software options.


If you are looking for a platform that is frequently updated, LeadFuze is a good option. You can use the platform to look for data on your top prospects or to search for job candidates. LeadFuze is an intuitive data enrichment tool that is easy to implement.

Been Verified

Been Verified is one of the most well-known data enrichment tools on the market today. It allows you to search for leads based on location and name, which is especially useful for B2B businesses that operate in specific geographic regions. 

The program provides you with a complete profile of each person that you search for. Your sales team can peruse this data file and identify key talking points for marketing materials.

Lead Gen Digital Marketing from Insights ABM

When used properly, data enrichment tools are a great way to enhance your lead generation efforts. However, data enrichment tools are only a small piece of the lead generation puzzle. 

If you truly want to increase your sales opportunities, you need a comprehensive strategy. The best way to accomplish that is to partner with a lead gen digital marketing agency like Insights ABM.

Our pros offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions. Whether you need to strengthen your brand, revamp your website, or develop a custom account-based marketing plan, we can help. 

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