Top ABM Trends to Watch in 2022

Top ABM Trends to Watch in 2022

As of 2018, the account-based marketing market size was approximately $651.9 million. MarketWatch expects this figure to rise substantially over the next several years, reaching a total market size of $1,196.9 million by the end of 2023. This translates to a 12.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

The surge in ABM spending comes as no surprise, as account-based marketing is by far one of the most effective advertising strategies for B2B businesses. While ABM has been around for some time, the top companies are constantly seeking ways to refine this battle-tested B2B marketing tactic.

With this in mind, the experts at Insights ABM have identified some of the top ABM trends to watch in 2022 and beyond. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your account-based marketing strategy, you should consider implementing some of these emerging practices.

Revisiting Lead Scoring Models

Lead scoring models are an integral component of account-based marketing campaigns. However, traditional scoring models are not optimized to handle the massive amounts of data that B2B marketing teams can access via cutting-edge customer relationship management platforms.

In response, many B2B companies are revisiting their lead scoring models. They are modifying these models so that they can get the most out of all that data and enhance their ABM marketing efforts.

By improving your lead scoring models, you can also improve synergy between your sales and marketing teams. Achieving a high level of cooperation between these teams is essential if you want to achieve success with the account-based marketing model.

A Renewed Commitment to Personalization

The biggest benefit to ABM-style advertising is that it allows organizations to target high-value accounts. In order to effectively accomplish this goal, businesses must develop personalized content that addresses the specific pain points of a prospective client.

As B2B organizations gear up for 2022, they are demonstrating a renewed commitment to creating personalized marketing materials. To gauge the success of these efforts, they are becoming less reliant on generic metrics, such as click-based engagement

Instead, they are implementing more dynamic data collection protocols so that they can gain insights into every stage of the client’s journey through the sales funnel.

Leveraging Data to Identify Opportunities for Growth

In 2022, look for more B2B companies to begin using advanced data analytics technology to identify opportunities for growth. Specifically, some organizations are beginning to incorporate prescriptive analytics AI programs into their ABM strategy.

Prescriptive analytics is a leading-edge form of data analytics. Data analysts will use AI-based technologies to assess raw data in order to guide decision-making. 

According to Investopedia, prescriptive analytics can be used to analyze information about various situations, resources that might be available, past trends in performance, and current performance, bringing these elements together to form a course of action.

Prescriptive data analytics are becoming increasingly prevalent in the realm of B2B sales. This is because prescriptive analytics allows ABM marketers to fine-tune a campaign for maximum return on investment. 

Marketers can use the insights gleaned from prescriptive data to better connect with target accounts and generate more revenue for their organizations.  

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